DSC05380 (kopia)DSC05434 (kopia) (kopia)DSC05329 (kopia)DSC05511 (kopia)DSC05372 (kopia)DSC05332 (kopia) DSC05620 (kopia) DSC05689 (kopia)DSC05695 (kopia)DSC05594 (kopia)Wonderful Sunday. How can one not fall in love with this magnificent place?
We arrived early in the morning in Santa Margherita and walked slowly out to Portofino, it is so beautiful, all the outstanding views you see on the way walking there. It’s a little paradise with the turquoise greatness from the mediterranean sea, palm trees and flowers. How happy and satisfied I felt  there and then.
We also savored a delicious lunch at La Terrazza at Hotel Belmond Splendido.
The perfect day-trip-escape.

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Lefay Resort

DSC04430 (kopia)DSC04477 (kopia)DSC04450 (kopia)DSC04573 (kopia)DSC04509 (kopia) DSC04569 (kopia)DSC04575 (kopia)DSC04577 (kopia)Took a day trip to have brunch at Lefay resort. It’s located in the hills in this breathtaking landscape of Garda. Where ever I looked it was a delight for the eye, the view of the lake, the mountains and the foggy light when the sun went down in the late after noon behind the mountains.

The bruch was consisting a bit of everything from vegan food, vegetarian, gluten free, fish, meat and to the last, their Temptation Room, dedicated for the dolce.It was definitely worth a visit here just for the brunch.

I already started to plan my next visit, I can not wait to stay over night to enjoy the spa and the facilities this place has to offer. A perfect escape, not far from Milan and easy to reach with either car or train.