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Breathing pure fresh air and overviewing the lake. For our lunch my father went out in the garden to pick fresh potato and other vegetables that we ate. One can really taste the huge difference by eating this clean food. Without any chemicals or treatmentss, grown in the nature and so incredibly taste full .


St Tropez weekend

..Saturday morning started and we were finally all together, since our birthdaygirl Margherita came one day after. So we enjoyed the first day of our weekend on the beach at Le Club 55. Long day that suddenly had us up in an interview on the beach (more about that when the issue is out). We closed the day with shopping, for me just a pair of sandals at Rondini and admired Tmb, hopeing to see the gentlemens steping outside their yacht.DSC07279 (kopia)

Swimsuit/La Perla Sunglasses/Gucci

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Outfit for the beach, sunglasses/Gucci&Céline Bag/Prada Dress/Missoni

DSC07356 (kopia)Les Milanesi

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T.M Blue One



MMFW snaps

And once again, fashionweek is coming to an end. It’s the same story every time for me, feets in pain and a huge need  of  relax and rehab. But It’s one more stop today. Dirk Bikkembergs show, I can image We’ll see a lot of skin their and guys in fit bodies with swimshorts.
Until then I’ll share som snaps from the last couple of days. My last presentation today was Bertoni, It’s definitely on my list to one day own a bag from them.


Backstage at DAKS London

DAKSLONDONDSC06225 (kopia)

badoo (kopia)

Bvlgari lunch with my delicacy from Miami →


Beautiful presentation of Bertoni at Museo Bagatti Valsecchi.


Last stop for tonight.. thinking to bring my bikini? hmm



DSC05380 (kopia)DSC05434 (kopia) (kopia)DSC05329 (kopia)DSC05511 (kopia)DSC05372 (kopia)DSC05332 (kopia) DSC05620 (kopia) DSC05689 (kopia)DSC05695 (kopia)DSC05594 (kopia)Wonderful Sunday. How can one not fall in love with this magnificent place?
We arrived early in the morning in Santa Margherita and walked slowly out to Portofino, it is so beautiful, all the outstanding views you see on the way walking there. It’s a little paradise with the turquoise greatness from the mediterranean sea, palm trees and flowers. How happy and satisfied I felt  there and then.
We also savored a delicious lunch at La Terrazza at Hotel Belmond Splendido.
The perfect day-trip-escape.